Oxygen Renew & Relaxation Facial In Ottawa

Fight back against time, and reveal the youthful skin that lies just below the surface with  two offerings of facial treatment. Our Renew and Relax treatments can revitalize your skin, plumping collagen, relaxing lines, restoring tautness, and revealing the new, youthful skin just below the surface. Depending on your needs, you can choose from either our Renew facial, which cleanses your skin from the top-down, or our Relax treatment, which penetrates your skin, and plumps it from the deeper layers. Read on for more information on each of our offerings:


Renew Facial

Our renew facial strips the surface of your skin of all impurities, and replaces them with natural oils that contribute to the fresh revitalization of your skins natural youthful qualities. With no harmful chemicals, Oxygen Medi Spa’s Renew facial treatment is a great way to cleanse your skin and bring out its natural character without stripping it of its essential oils. If you’re interested in gently but effectively cleansing your skin with a professional treatment, call today for a Renew Facial with Oxygen Medi Spa. $85 (45-60 minutes)

Relaxation Facial

Oxygen Medi Spa’s Relaxation facial targets the skin under the surface, providing it a range of essential oils and nutrients that contribute to its health; plumping it, restoring elasticity, and smoothing lines from the deepest layers of your skin. Enjoy your facial treatment with a warm towel treatment and facial massage in one of our relaxing treatment rooms. $60 (30 minutes)