Non Surgical Skin Tightening In Ottawa

Oxygen Medi Spa offers a revolutionary skin rejuvenation system that combines a variety of non-surgical methods to stimulate collagen growth in the deepest layers of your skin, replacing aged and sun damaged collagen. The ultimate effect of this process is an overall ‘plumping’ of your deepest layers of skin, producing a smoother, tighter, healthier appearance to your complexion.

Benefits of Our Process

Oxygen Medi Spa’s process stimulates the renewal and growth of new, healthy skin. It activates new collagen production, adding volume and elasticity to your skin, reducing existing wrinkles and making new ones considerably less likely. Increased elasticity means that dynamic lines in your skin are reduced, so areas effected by facial expressions like crows feet, smile lines, and lip wrinkles become substantially less apparent. MediSpa’s treatment will lead to an overall improvement in the tightness and smoothness of your skin, revealing muscle tone by redefining facial contour, lifting the cheeks, and tightening the jawline and neck.

No Need for Surgery

Our treatment appeals to our clients because it presents them with a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to typical skin tightening treatments. With no need for sedation, cutting, or the long recovery periods typically associated with surgical skin tightening, the benefits are obvious. If you’re interested in booking a non-surgical skin tightening treatment, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Oxygen Medi Spa.