Ottawa Manicure & Pedicure

The classic treatment, Oxygen Medi Spa’s manicure and pedicure sessions offer some of the highest quality hand and feet treatments available in Ottawa. Our staff do more than leave your hands and feet revitalized after a manicure or pedicure, as every customer that exits our doors does so with less stress, tension, and increased peace of mind. A time-tested investment in one’s own relaxation, book your manicure, pedicure, or both with Oxygen Medi Spa.


What separates a quality manicure from the rest involves much more than the quality of ones nails. At Oxygen Medi Spa, in addition to fantastic nails, you can expect calm, rest, and relaxation as our professional staff take care of more than just your hands, but also your peace of mind. Invest not only in incredible looking nails, but also get back in touch with your inner tranquility with a manicure at Oxygen Medi Spa.

Cost:  $30 add shellac for $15


A generally neglected part of the body, we often don’t think of the beating we give our feet on a daily basis. As such, providing care and attention to your feet can reveal and release tremendous amounts of inner tension that you weren’t even aware existed. At Oxygen MediSpa, our facilities and professional staff allow you to block out the external world and focus on what matters, your own peace of mind, while we work on your feet, relieving tension throughout your body and mind.

Cost: $45 add shellac for $15