Ottawa Ionic Detox Cleanse

Western life has brought many technological advances that contribute to the quality of our lives, but like all things, these benefits come at a cost. While food is more plentiful, the pervasive presence of harmful chemicals in the things we eat comes as a side effect. While shelter is easier to access and far more comfortable, this comes at the cost of enormous quantities of carbon being released into our atmosphere. Living a life surrounded by these dangerous pollutants in the air we breathe and food we eat leads to a build-up of toxins that the human body simply has not evolved to be able to process. Fortunately, Oxygen MediSpa is here to help with our Ionic Cleanse treatment.

Ionic Foot Spa

What’s an Ionic Cleanse Treatment?
Oxygen Medi Spa’s Ionic cleanse treatment offers our clients a means by which they can remove the toxins that their body is not suited to processing. After submerging your feet in a special footbath, our staff run a low voltage electric current through the liquid that activates the ionization process. During treatment, you are visibly able to see the toxins and pollutants as they are removed from your body and left in the water.

Benefits of Ionic Detox

After treatment, you’ll see that your foot bath has changed color, the pollutants and toxins once in your body now in the liquid. Those who receive ionic cleansing experience increased mental clarity and overall improvements to their energy and well being as a result of no longer being burdened with the intense, harmful chemicals that were previously within them