Alpha LED Capsule

What is the Alpha LED Light Capsule?

This incredible piece of technology is Ottawa’s first and only means of performing photodynamic therapy, or PDT. This machine allows us to perform the full range of light therapy, a clinically proven method of non-invasive skin treatment. By precisely managing the intensity and wavelength of light hitting your bodies largest organ, your skin, Oxygen Medi Spa is able to provide a wide range of treatments to meet your precise needs. Consider the following examples for an idea of what our Alpha LED Light Capsule can do for you, but our range of ailments it will help from Detox, Weightloss, Insomnia, Depression/Anxiety, SAD, Meditation and so much more.

Blue Light LED – Reduces Acne

The shortest wavelength of light available from the LED light capsule, our Blue light treatment sacrifices penetration to maximize intensity. Staying close to the surface of your skin, our Blue LED treatment targets a strain of bacteria, P. acnes, and eradicates it. Responsible for acne, blackheads, and whiteheads; the removal of P. acnes from you skin has tremendous impact on improving your complexion, overall skin quality, and well-being.
Blue Light treatments are generally superior to other acne treatments because they are so effective at targeting P. acnes bacteria. Topical products work by stripping everything away from your skin to get rid of P.acnes bacteria; including the oils essential to the health of your skin, causing redness, irritation, dryness, and peeling. Pain free, with no downtime, and safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women, Blue Light treatment is a fantastic alternative for those who want to care for their skin.

Red Light Therapy – Wrinkles

The opposite end of the spectrum from Blue, Red Light LED therapy sacrifices intensity to maximize penetration. Red Light LED therapy carries the energy of light deep through every layer of skin, gently stimulating your oil glands and improving your skin’s ability to retain the key elements it needs to heal and generate healthy new skin cells. Consistent Red Light LED treatments will allow your skin to retain its youth longer, and is believed to have a substantial impact on reducing wrinkles

The Whole Spectrum

Oxygen Medi-Spa’s Alpha LED Light Capsule is capable of far more than simple red and blue LED light treatments. Capable of every color under the sun (literally), as well as combining light treatment with Heat and Oxygen therapy; with the Light Capsule Oxygen MediSpa is capable of designing a course of therapy tailored to the precise needs of every patient. Not sure what you might need from the Capsule? Get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to talk about how the Alpha LED Light Capsule can improve your skin, health, and general wellbeing!